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When I was a kid I learned about farm culture from my friend Steve. He wasn't a farm kid either, but his family always had the latest Grit on the kitchen table, and kept banty hens in a coop beside the house.

At the end of our 6th grade year they moved upstate. I went for a visit later that summer. There was a county fair, and piles of rock records at the house that his older brother had relented to (or been forced to) allow us to play. I was blown away by the Space Cowboy!

Highlight of the visit was his birthday party which took place at something called The Grange, a short walk from the house. The Grange was a small meeting hall for a farm co-op, and while the organization had seen sunnier skies, the old building was a cool place to throw a party.

Well, there must have been some magic in the punch that night- before it was over I had gotten my first serious kiss, from a girl I'd just met, on a bridge in the moonlight. I've been in a daze ever since.

heart bridge by Victoria Mowrer

2022 Victoria Mowrer

Meet Me at the Grange.mp3

Meet Me at the Grange

You were fourteen
I was thirteen
Dreamed of workin'
On a race team

Meet you at the Grange
At the party at the Grange

Don't remember
Much that went on there
Salty kisses
In some old chair
Walked you home
Felt your heart beating

Meet you at the Grange
The party at the Grange

Spinnin' records
In the mornin'
Found a rock star
I could believe in

Meet me at the Grange
Meet me at the Grange

I think I left my heart there somewhere