cassette case


Here's one captured quickly to cassette, back when that was about the only way to capture anything. It's one of those demos that says everything the song needs to say, and it's been in a drawer somewhere ever since.

Corner of a Kiss.mp3

The Kiss by Victoria Mowrer

The Kiss
2022 Victoria Mowrer

Corner of a Kiss

Do you remember, we nearly got wasted?
That funky band played, how I enjoyed it?
You had to run to a friend that was waiting

And I caught you there
At the foot of the stair
And our worlds turned round
The corner of a kiss
Corner of a kiss

I get bipolar just being beside you
I get so nervous- but, you're so relaxing!
I want to plunge into that world you offer

But my world is bounded
My heart is confounded
And all I can give is
The corner of a kiss
Corner of a kiss

And it's so sensible
And it's so indefensible

No sense in wishing that we could be different
If we were different we'd not be attracted
Or if we were then, for some other reasons

We'd be other people
Who couldn't imagine
How a world can turn round
The corner of a kiss
Corner of a kiss