This is a remake of a recording I made in the third floor studio on Maple Avenue, when I was using a 4 track cassette recorder. I like the original version a lot, and I will post it up someday, but I just rediscovered this version and it knocks me out. I completely forgot about making it!

This was recorded in 2002, and I had used my then recently acquired Yamaha AW 4416, a 16-track digital machine. I was stretching out a bit, pushing to see what I could do with the flexibility and control that it gave me.

All credit to Dave SanSoucie, who, if he didn't actually play on this recording, influenced the production a whole hell of a lot! And love to Victoria, for helping me to feel again what this song is all about!

Welcome You.mp3


Welcome You
Victoria Mowrer 2022

Welcome You

Do we become what we become
As we are seen?
If I'm an angel in your eyes
Then so I'll be

Our past lives
Ring in the new
Welcome You

Delivered from the need of words
Your love found me
No words to complicate our lives
But set us free

In your silence
I am listening
Know that I do
Welcome you

I was searching
And you found me
I was waiting
And you came through
Welcome You

Far from the ordinary world
There is a place
Where from the ordinary world
Our love is safe

Behind my tattered armor
My heart is true
Welcome You
Welcome You
Welcome You
Welcome You