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Some time ago I got lazy and decided to take songs that I would normally record with drums and electric guitars and keyboards and such and do them more simply, with an acoustic guitar and vocal, "live" to tape. I did about a half-dozen tunes this way.

I'm tempted to call them love songs for grownups, because the things they're about are sort of complicated. This one is me having fun with a 3/4 blues- they're not all this dark!

Your Best Friend.mp3

Nearing the End

Nearing the End
Victoria Mowrer 2021

Your Best Friend

I'll take my cue from the weather
And blow right out of town
I know we would both feel better
If I were not around
We could call it over
We could let it end, and
Silence could be your best friend

You never heard me when I called ya
There was always too much goin' on
'Cept for the times when I would dog you
Those were the times you'd need to be alone
Did you ever really love me?
Or was it just pretend?
Why does silence have to be your best friend?

When my softest whisper
Seems to you a riot
And my little questions are a rave
I could never make you happy
I could never be that quiet
Except maybe in my grave

I told you that I adore ya
'though we've had our share of scenes
Now you let your friend answer for ya
And I know what that means
It means a tear between us
Words could never mend
It means silence is your best friend
It means silence is your best friend