This is the Participatory Project.

I am seeking patrons.

My needs are few.

You can help support my artistic endeavors for a small monthly sum, say, $5.00.

This project is itself an artistic endeavor.

Call it a "web piece", or "high concept".

Just don't call it a scam. It's art. Really.

Once this gets off the ground, it will allow me the time to pursue other projects.

[link to for] Music.

[link to for] Photography.

[link to for] The written word.

Possibly more bizarre forms of art like the Participatory Project.

Who knows?

That's the cool thing about art.

Will you defy convention and join me in this project?

There is no need for you to actually send me anything at this time.

Just assert that you will commit yourself to participate at some future date.

Five bucks a month.

(Open ended, but I'd suggest that a commitment of a year would be the most practical.)

You could always continue along afterwards, for as long as you liked.

I will begin a running tally, or actually, an "anti-tally" which will be posted on my site.

Once a critical number of commitments have been reached, you will be asked to begin contributing.

On that joyous day, the real fun begins!

Or, actually, some months after that day.

I'll need to be sure that enough participants remain solidly participating to insure my solvency.

(Not that I don't trust you. I do. It's just that another "high concept" would be to agree to participate, then to not do so. And that's art too. But I already thought of it, so you aspiring artists out there don't need to actually do it.)

I'll come up with some sort of unique things for you, the participants, once things get rolling.

A T-shirt, for sure.

You'll get them for participating.

But the main thing is, you'll be supporting an artist, just like Lorenzo de' Medici used to do.

(Come on, you don't think he only backed the famous guys we know about today, do you? I'm sure he supported some lesser-known artists. Who knows, maybe one of those famous guys started out like this!)

So think it over.

I really am serious about this.

And if you think this is right for you, just write to me at the address below.

Put the word "Yes" in the subject area of your e-mail.

Tell me who you are, and why you like my idea.

Make a suggestion for a name for this project, if you like. ("Participatory Project" is a little dry, I think.)

Then sit back and count the days till the Participatory Project takes off!