Around the start of the new century I got the idea to create a website to promote my songs. There were a bunch of services offering nearly free websites back in the day, the main catch being that you allowed advertising on your page. Back then it was not so bad, just one or two small, static ads. (Pop-ups had not been discovered yet) There were data restrictions too, which typically allowed only about a half-dozen songs to be parked there for downloading by the public. Again, not so bad- it was enough for promotional purposes.
My first site was hosted by OnlineRock (amazing to see Online Rock still rocking the web) and it looked like this. After a year or so I adopted this wide layout. For a while I moved the website around a bunch, until I found a home on SiteGround. You can see my last design here.   I enjoyed redesigning the website, and you can check out the Steam Powered Studio archives if you'd like to visit some I've managed to save.
When I went online I had to see my relationship to the world differently. I wanted a name for what I was doing that would be easy to find and remember. Not everyone could have a domain name as effective as MP3.com- at the time nabbing a name like that would insure millions of hits. I came up with Steam Powered as a simple name for the studio I was operating. The idea was that, as advanced as we thought we were, the electricity that we relied on to run everything was still at some point generated by steam.
That seemed funny to me.
But the things that seemed very important at the time, like having a web address that people could easily remember and type into their browser, turned out to be not what having a "presence" online is all about. Who still types an address directly into their browser? Search engines do all that sort of thing for you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) became the key thing about getting found online.
Nevertheless, off I sailed, around the year 2K, like Magellan circumnavigating the globe on a surfboard, with the simplest tools (HTML) possible. It wasn't long before I made some discoveries, such as that the world is very large, and that websites are like pebbles on a beach.
Steam Powered Studio